FOr Professionals

AM Analysis

The independent research company with focus on the regions of Eastern Europe and Asia.

Service for Professionals

In the following you will find our four areas in services for professionals. Our aim is to deliver highly concentrated and specialized insight on the economies in focus.

Strategy Advisory


Supporting your strategy and investment comitees when it comes to emerging markets, especially the regions of East-Europe and Asia.

  • Expertise in makro and micro economic
  • deep knowledge
  • sparringspartner
  • generating ideas for strategies and investments

Integrated Research


Our passion about economies in East-Europe and Asia can be easily integrated into your existing research. We will contribute in the needed areas and with the debt as required.

  • network with specialists and partners in the relevant country
  • highly specialised research for relevant topics only

Withe Label


Our already existing publications or which we will produce on demand can be used specially for your required purpose.

  • delivery of insight on demand
  • contributions to publications
  • reportings for public and customer



As Keynote-Speaker we can contribute on client-events or public and private events.

  • public speaking on highly focused topics of Emerging Markets with focus on East-Europe and Asia

Get in touch

As the service for professional is highly individual and depending on the requirements form your sight we will dicuss details face to face.